Open Source Platform Components

Apportable owes a huge debt of gratitude to open source software. Here are some of the key platform components that started as outside open source projects. We are publishing our improvements under compatible licenses so that others may use and improve upon our code.

Fixed Point OpenAL-soft

We forked OpenAL-soft and improved audio performance on Android by replacing floating point operations with fixed point operations. Available under the LGPLv3 license, this library can be dynamically linked to proprietary software and is distributed as a separate binary in Apportable applications.


Our Objective-C base class libraries are based on Apple's CFLite project and licensed under the APSL 2.0 license. We have published our modifications and extensions under compatible open source licenses; see the LICENSE file for details.

Objective-C Runtime

We improved Apple's Objective-C runtime to add support for ARM-ELF architectures. This code is licensed under the APSL 2.0 license.


CommonCrypto is Apple's library of crytographic primitives. This code is licensed under the APSL 2.0 license.


Pango is a library for laying out and rendering of text, with an emphasis on internationalization. Our modifications are available under LGPL version 2 or later.


libresolv is a library to create, send, and interpret Internet domain name servers packets. Parts of the implementation are licensed under APSL 2.0


liblookup includes various network utilities including getaddrinfo, getnameinfo, and get getpwent APSL 2.0

Other Open Source Projects

Apportable sponsors numerous other open source projects. Here are some other projects that are not included in the Apportable platform, but are available on the Apportable GitHub.


Apportable is the primary sponsor of SpriteBuilder, a powerful editor for quickly creating 2D games in Objective-C. Built on a rich open source platform, SpriteBuilder is the easiest way to simultaneously develop for iOS and Android. This code is available under the MIT license.


Apportable is the primary sponsor for Cocos2D iPhone. Cocos2D iPhone is a framework for building 2D games and other graphical/interactive applications for iOS, OSX, and Android. Cocos2D is used extensively by SpriteBuilder. This code is available under the MIT license.

GNUstep Foundation

Earlier versions of our Foundation implementation were based on the GNUstep open source project. We have published our changes under an LGPLv3 license. We are deeply indebted to the GNUstep contributors and the Free Software Foundation for making this project possible.

Hierarchy Detective

Hierarchy Detective makes it possible to visualize and search user interface hierarchies in Objective-C applications. It was started by Apportable engineer Chinmay Garde. This code is available under the MIT license.

How Can I Contribute?

For Foundation contributions, see Apportable Foundation Contributions

Send an email to telling us which project you are most interested in working on.

If you would to purchase a commercial license to that includes email support, please contact us at


The following other open source projects are also used by the Apportable platform:

We thank the thousands of contributors who have made these projects possible.