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Tengu makes it easy to build iOS apps natively in Objective-C or Swift. Share code and add native Android user interface components in Xcode or Android Studio.

Not using Tengu? Apportable can help you bring any C++, Objective-C, or Swift app to Android.

Custom Solutions

Whether you are looking to port a large back catalogue, or starting application development from scratch, Apportable’s technology gives your team the tools to provide a high quality, truly native Android experience for a wide variety of Objective-C-based applications. From consumer-facing media applications to mission-critical B2B applications, our powerful software accommodates a wide range of use cases while still delivering incredibly smooth performance. With Apportable, you can get the benefits of truly native development with a single code base.

Your Mobile Strategy, Simplified.

By maintaining only one code base, you are able to achieve product parity across platforms. Deploy content and feature updates in real-time without coordinating separate teams.

Your Mobile Strategy, Saved.

Our clients typically save over 75% on their Android development, and the benefits compound over time.

Your Mobile Strategy, Supported.

Our engineering team has a deep understanding of both the iOS and Android platforms. We provide ongoing support to ensure smooth deployment of your products.

Your Mobile Strategy, Accelerated.

Apportable can get your mobile application to market in record time. And, because our tools compile Objective-C and C++ natively, your application will run faster on Android than its Java equivalent.

Your Mobile Strategy, Assured.

Apportable provides regular, ongoing updates with bug fixes and new feature access as iOS and Android evolve

Your Mobile Strategy, Streamlined.

You will benefit from a platform tested on many applications across multiple devices. The Apportable platform handles device-specific issues so that your team can focus on features.


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